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The Silicon Club was established to provide all senior executives of the Israeli microelectronics industry with a permanent meeting place to address critical operational challenges and other issues that impact the entire microelectronics ecosystem. The club exclusive gatherings are done in a non-formal atmosphere and serves as THE place for meeting industry colleagues, exchange thoughts, discuss industry challenges and act together to resolve major business issues and achieve true global collaboration.

The club is specifically intended for C level executives - CEOs/Presidents, CTOs, COOs, Vice President of Operations, and Vice President of Engineering from microelectronics companies and Partners/Executives within the Israeli venture capital community.

The Club agenda is set by a professional steering committee which consists of several key figures from the leading multinational high technology companies (e.g. Intel, Marvel, Texas Instruments, Freescale, etc.) as well as CEOs of major local fabless and academy professors.

Each club meeting consists of about 150-200 industry executives and is dedicated to a specific topic. The meetings are divided to two major parts:


  • Executive Networking- Great networking opportunities for microelectronics professionals from the Israeli microelectronics community.
  • Speaking session - short lectures and panel discussion by senior figures from the microelectronics industry as well as from the High tech world

Why sponsor the club?


When you sponsor the club's meetings you will benefit in several ways:


1.      Great exposure to the industry's decision makers – when you sponsor the ISC meetings you will be able to let the decision makers at the microelectronics companies know about your firm offering. These executives represent businesses which generate annual revenue of 5 billion dollars.

2.      Building your brand – when you sponsor the Israeli Silicon Club you will strengthen your brand in the minds of all participants. Even if not all of them will become immediate customers, it'll probably happen in the foreseen future.

3.      Create your network – when you sponsor the ISC and participate in the club meetings you will have the opportunity to meet with the industry executives, introduce yourself and your firm, and get to know, your potential clients on a personal basis.

4.      Supporting the microelectronics industry – The microelectronics industry represent 25% of the export of high tech goods. Supporting the club means supporting this important industry and contributes to strengthen a major part from the ecosystem of the Israeli high tech industry.


The Silicon club was founded by Chiportal – the leading web portal of the Israeli microelectronics industry in early 2010.

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